Established in 2014. Signature Autobody was founded by three industry veterans to cater towards the demanding expectations from modern automobile companies. They have a long resume of collaborative projects with movies, race teams, show cars and media publications. Signature Autobody is well versed in providing a multitude of services which include collision, insurance, and custom modifications. We are centrally located in Orange, CA.


At Signature Autobody, we pride ourselves in the multitude of services we provide to the community. We have an extensive resume of services we provide which includes: Auto Insurance Claims, Collision Repair, Frame Repair, Paint/ Paint Matches/ Blends, Exterior Paint Color Changeover, Aftermarket Body Paint & Install, Fenders/ Quarter Panel Modifications, Fiberglass/ Metal Fabrication and Headlight/ Taillight Color Modifications. In the event you or your vehicle require a temporary transportation, we have a large network of Rent a Car services as well as Vehicle Tow Companies.